Sources of funds


Prospera – International Network of Women’s Funds |


Prospera is the hub of a dynamic, global movement of women’s funds, philanthropic organizations driven to change the world for women, girls, trans* people, and their communities. It links individual communities and global influencers, women’s funds are key agents of change. They partner with grassroots women’s, girls’, and trans* organizations and movements to provide them with access to resources, expertise, and structural support. Women’s funds work to ensure the voices and ideas of women, girls and trans* people are at the forefront of social change.



WEDO is a global advocacy organization established in 1991 by former U.S. Congresswoman Bella Abzug (1920-1998) and feminist activist and journalist Mim Kelber (1922-2004). It grew out of an extraordinary group of women, including Bella and Gloria Steinem, who started Women USA in 1979, and became the organization it is today through the vision of WEDO pioneers, Wangari Maathai, Vandana Shiva, Thais Corral and many others. In 2011, WEDO celebrated its official 20th anniversary!WEDO has been a leader in organizing women for international conferences and actions, earning a reputation as a trailblazer in the international women’s rights movement. Read more of our history on our website.

WEDO recognized that the hard-won policy commitments to women’s rights that emerged from the major UN conferences of the 1990s were not enough to improve women’s daily lives. WEDO has spent the last few years focused on deeper collaboration with Southern partners to increase the number of women leaders at all levels, to implement global policy gains at the national level and to hold governments accountable to their commitments on women’s rights.

Headquartered in New York, WEDO is a registered non-profit organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States and is an accredited non-governmental organization with the United Nations. WEDO programs receive financial support from government and UN donor agencies and partners, individual donors and foundations.

In 2006 WEDO was awarded the Champion of the Earth award by UNEP, citing WEDO as “a champion in the field of women’s economic, social and gender rights and a beacon for the empowerment of women across the environmental and development debate.”

In 2010, WEDO was awarded by the National Council for Research on Women (NCRW) for outstanding advocacy to integrate a gender perspective into climate change arenas.


Global Greengrants Fund |

Global Greengrants is the leading environmental fund that supports grassroots action around the world.

Our flagship program supports more than 5,300 local projects in 167 countries with Greengrants averaging $4,800. Our grants support grassroots solutions to social and environmental challenges such as climate change, biodiversity conservation, freshwater, indigenous rights, ocean and coastal conservation, and women’s voices.

Women & the Environment

In times of shortage, women are the first to go without food and water. They walk farther when water runs out. They work harder for less. And they are more likely than men to die in natural disasters.

Women’s rights need to be protected and promoted more than ever. Global Greengrants Fund is committed to funding projects that are organized, led, and participated in by women. Our Grant Recipients have stopped large-scale dams, deforestation, dirty energy development, mining, and polluting industries.

Read their stories and download the Climate Justice & Women’s Rights: A Guide to Supporting Grassroots Women’s Actions report.