Gender Budgeting your way to gender mainstreaming

Gender Budgeting is a powerful tool for achieving gender mainstreaming so as to ensure that benefits of development reach women as much as men. It is a tool for gender empowerment. (Gender empowerment includes opening up access to decision-making processes that make women to perceive themselves as able and entitled to occupy decision-making space).

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An Introduction to ADB’s Strategy and Guidelines for Gender Mainstreaming

01 January 2017
Gender Equity Thematic Group
Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department
Learning Modes: 
Self Study
Type of Material: 
Online Learning

This online course is available to everyone interested in gender and development. The course also provides just-in-time learning for development professionals who need to mainstream gender in their projects and programs.

Eight interactive modules help you:

understand Asian Development Bank’s approach to gender mainstreaming and the four-tier gender project categorization system;
realize the need for investments in gender equality and women’s empowerment; and learn the essentials in mainstreaming gender in development projects.

The modules:

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Key Gender Terms Used in ADB Operations
Module 3: The Situation of Gender Equality in the Asia and Pacific Region and Why ADB Needs to Invest More
Module 4: ADB’s Gender Policies, Architecture and Institutional Targets for Gender Mainstreaming in Operations
Module 5: ADB’s Gender Operational Plans – Putting Policy into Practice
Module 6: ADB’s Gender Mainstreaming Categories
Module 7: Preparing a Good Project Gender Action Plan
Module 8: Project Completion Reports and Reporting Gender Equality Results

Modules 2 and 3 will be useful to those interested in the general issues around gender equality in the Asia Pacific region.

A Certificate of Completion is available to those who finish the course.

Gender equity
Geographical Focus:
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